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   Welcome to the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum at Barksdale Air Force Base.  Home of the B-52's. For museum questions click here to email the Curator.

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Need more help?  Please call us at (318)456-3067 or (318)752-0055. The directions are from the Shreveport Airport.  We are working on detailed instructions.  Thank you!

Door to Door Directions
From: Shreveport Regional Airport
Airport Service Rd
Shreveport   LA  

8th Air Force Museum,  88 Shreveport Rd
Barksdale AFB  LA 

Direction Distance
1: Start out going North on AIRPORT SERVICE RD towards MONKHOUSE DR.  0.3 miles
 (0.6 km)
2: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto MONKHOUSE DR.  0.3 miles
 (0.5 km)
3: Take the I-20 EAST ramp.  0.2 miles
 (0.3 km)
4: Merge onto I-20 E.  9.0 miles
 (14.4 km)
5: Take the AIRLINE DRIVE exit, exit number 22, towards BARKSDALE AFB.  0.2 miles
 (0.2 km)
6: Turn LEFT on Old Minden Road.  0.3 miles
 (0.5 km)
7: Turn RIGHT onto NORTH GATE.  0.1 miles
 (0.2 km)
8: Straight to Barksdale AFB North Gate.  1.0 miles
 (1.6 km)
Total Distance:  11.3 miles (18.3 km)
Estimated Time:  16 minutes